Pitch Wars: #TeamMarch1st

Pitch Wars: #TeamMarch1st


OMG You’re here! You’re here! You’re really, really here!*

*if you’re not here for Pitch Wars, shame on you!


First, You are a ROCK STAR for entering Pitch Wars. Seriously.

Second, THANK YOU for taking a moment to check out #TeamMarch1st!!


Why pick me, you ask?

If I’m being honest, you shouldn’t. You should pick #TeamMarch1st because of Janet Taylor and Kathryn Purdie. (I mean, HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR BIOS???! And THEIR DEBUTS? Good. Ness!) I’m just a bum hanging out with those incredible ladies. But I’m also a girl who knows her reverse psychology–after all my YA debut is all about physical and emotional manipulation. (*creepy wink* See what I just did there?)

But I’m not a creepy. Swear.

I’m just a girl who wrote a book. A book called THE GIRL WHO FELL (S&S/Simon Pulse *ahem* March 1, 2016). I’m just a girl, standing beside two amazing girls, asking for a book I can love.

And full disclosure? This is my first experience with Pitch Wars but I’m no stranger to critiquing a manuscript or mentoring an author! I had the incredible experience of providing editorial notes for lit agencies (their words are below so you know I’m not making stuff up). I know how to make pages *zing* and I love helping authors get their pages zinging. I basically want to cram the world full of zingingly beautiful stories.

So if you pick #TeamMarch1st you’ll get three enthusiastic (read: crazy in the best way) advocates, pals, fellow chocolate lovers. You’ll have a screeching, cheering team helping you dig in to your manuscript and make it the most beautiful submission it can be. So, really. Pick me. Pick me for us three. #TeamMarch1st. You can learn more about me by checking out the rest of my website and Twitter. If you’d like to learn more about my debut novel, THE GIRL WHO FELL, you can read about all about it on Goodreads and even add it to your WANT TO READ pile. Yay!

Are you ready to dig in and work hard together with me, Janet, and Shannon? Please send us an application on August 17th and visit Brenda’s site for more info on Pitch Wars and all the submission guidelines. Good luck!


“Shannon has a keen editorial eye and is fastidious about producing concrete, detailed editorial letters for her clients. In addition, she works within each manuscript to clearly identify aspects of the writing, character development or plot that may not be working. She can articulate and pinpoint why and where these gaps occur. Perhaps most valuable is her smart sense of how to improve problematic areas within a manuscript. She offers insightful suggestions for an author to consider. Shannon has edited manuscripts authored by bestselling authors and debut authors alike. Her editorial notes are always pitch-perfect and I believe her fresh set of eyes and smart, thoughtful feedback can be of tremendous value to any writer seeking publication. In all her work, Shannon is professional, diplomatic, prompt and thorough. I would highly recommend her services and am grateful to have worked with her.”
~ Elizabeth Kaplan, Agent and President
The Elizabeth Kaplan Literary Agency, Inc.
New York, New York

“Shannon is a consummate professional who understands the full editing process and what it takes to get a manuscript into publishing shape. From developmental to line editing and everything in between, she works closely with writers to inspire and guide. Shannon is my go-to when I need an additional read and edit of projects I’m working on – and I love our conversations about the problems and solutions to a given manuscript. She’s worked closely on a number of my clients’ manuscripts that have gone on to secure deals with major publishers. I think many new writers would benefit from her expertise – I know I have!”
~ Melissa Sarver White, Agent
Folio Literary Management, LLC
New York, New York

And now, back to you:

who's awesome


Find out all the deets on what we’re looking for at Janet B. Taylor’s site and GOOD LUCK!